Learn The Value Of Your Trees

Recently, I was asked, “How much is my property worth” over the phone from a new customer. It’s the million dollar question and an answer to have as a property owner! The truth is, it’s complicated to know without physically walking through the property as there is no set X value per acre of trees. Trust me. This is in favor of the property owner as much as it is for the logging companies.

Forestry, like many other industries, fluctuates with supply in demand. From personal experience, I have seen timber on 1 acre worth over $4,000 and I have seen it worth $500. My point is, no property is too small. Every tree has value to you and to the environment. As your forester, it is my job to ensure your trees are properly taken care of, and you’re gaining what you want from your property – whether its wildlife, regrowth, money, etc.

If you have property and would like to know how much it is worth please give me a call today for a free assessment. I can be reached at 717-648-9963 or via email woodsnwildlifepa@gmail.com