Central Pennsylvania Forestry Consultant

Woods & Wildlife Forestry

For over 20 years, Woods & Wildlife Forestry has created unique, long-term partnerships with landowners and industry related businesses throughout Pennsylvania. These relationships ensure quality care can be given to every property.

Why Choose Woods & Wildlife Forestry?dad-at-logging-site.jpg

1. As a seasoned forestry company, it’s Woods & Wildlife Forestry’s mission to improve wildlife, regrow healthy trees, make forests more resistant to pathogens, infestation, and damages by mother nature.

2. Your property will contain a higher timber sale value with Woods & Wildlife Forestry’s ongoing management program. In general, if managed properly, trees can be harvested every 10-15 years.

3. Woods & Wildlife Forestry’s rooted industry relationships ensure only the highest, quality, bidding logging company is in control of harvesting your property with care.

4. Woods & Wildlife Forestry can improve walking and hunting trails through proper harvesting techniques.

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logging.jpgBefore You Meet with Woods & Wildlife Forestry:

1. Think about your goals for your land in the next 10-20 years. Wildlife? Money? Regrowth?

2. What is the main function of your property? Horse trails? Hunting/trapping?

3. Map your land. This helps as we walk through our consultation where landmarks are, i.e. streams, bridges, etc.