Woods & Wildlife Forestry is owned by Jeffrey Eason, a resident of Dauphin County. Woods & Wildlife Forestry is an accredited business by BBB.

Jeff was born in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania and attended Cedar Cliff High School with his three siblings. Later, he became a collegiate wrestler who studied at Keystone Jr. College. He then graduated from the College of Environmental Science in Forestry of SUNY Syracuse. Jeff’s forestry career was based on his enjoyment of hunting, fishing, and being outdoors as an Eagle Scout. Post graduation, Jeff worked for 2 large forestry companies for 7 years. It was at that point, Jeff decided to run and manage his own forestry company called Woods & Wildlife Forestry.

Woods & Wildlife Forestry is based out of Dauphin, Pennsylvania and has been operating successfully since 1996. Over the years, Jeff and his team have harvested timber all over Dauphin County and Perry County. Those opportunities eventually led to the expansion of his current working territories. Woods & Wildlife Forestry has customers spanning from counties in Pennsylvania, such as Dauphin, Perry, York, Lancaster, Berks, and Lebanon to those in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Woods & Wildlife Forestry has created and maintained many relationships within the forestry and logging industries. Having deep roots within the forestry business has allowed him to create 3 important opportunities for all Pennsylvania landowners.

1.Make landowners the most money over time by enhancing regrowth for selective timber cuts every 10-20 years.

2.Properly take care of the land by producing more wildlife, larger tree species growth, and by reducing tree infections.

3.Produce options so only the highest and most interested logging company works on your property with care. Including forestry supervision and guidance from the first tree marked to the last tree removed.